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This device works on the principle of traction. Its design is comfortable, discreet, and functional. The silicone band keeps the device securely on the penis so you can achieve the desired results. It's comfortable, it conceals well, won't leave marks, and lasts as long as you need to wear it to gain the desired results. This is an affordable way to increase size and girth or to correct any penis curvature. A comfortable contoured plastic ring goes around the base of the penis then a plastic and silicone holder is secured around the head of the penis. Two adjustable brass metal bars are attached between each allowing the wearer to extend the length of each rod to apply tension. The principle is the same as has been used to lengthen other limbs. It will fit every user and every penis size. It is easy to apply, painless, and cannot be seen beneath loose fitting clothing. This device increases both length and girth and is capable of enlarging your penis without surgery. It can be used any time of day for various time intervals. The total amount of hours worn, combined with the traction amount, determines the result. Wearing the device for 2 hours a day for 12 months, will give the same result as wearing it 12 hours a day for 2 months. Long uninterrupted usage is not required so you can take a break for a period of time without losing any size already gained. It can be worn at night but may come off if you are a restless sleeper. Use has no side effects and no influence on urination, erection or fertility. The enlargement is permanent and no assistance from your Doctor is needed. "I love this product. Since I've started using it, it has increased my length and girth which has brought a lot of pleasure to my partner. Not only that but it has given me more confidence. This item did exactly what they said it would do and delivered results!" "This product worked great! After following the instructions on their site I seen slight growth in girth and length....let's just say the girlfriend is more than pleased and so am I :-)"

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