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Brand: CalExotics

Embark on an exquisite journey of discovery with Mod™ Chíc®, a massager that's designed for precision and pleasure. Its soft, pinpoint tip is perfect for tantalizing play, inviting you to explore the landscape of your desires with a touch that's as gentle or as powerful as your passions demand.

With 10 speeds of intense vibration, this device is a versatile powerhouse of pleasure. Each speed offers a unique experience, from a delicate whisper to a deep rumble, allowing you to tailor your journey to the perfect rhythm. The control is in your hands, making every session a personalized dance of vibration and sensation.

This massager is crafted from Liquid Silicone, a material celebrated for its superior softness, smoothness, and durability. Not only is it pleasant to the touch, but it's also waterproof with an IPX7 rating, opening up possibilities for exploration in the bath, shower, or any place where water plays a part in your pleasure. The quality of this device ensures it's a lasting companion on your quest for satisfaction.

Thoughtfully designed with your convenience in mind, this massager features a state-of-the-art memory chip that remembers your last speed setting. The security travel lock, activated with a three-second hold, provides peace of mind as you take your pleasure on the road. USB rechargeable and complete with a charging cord, it's ready after just 2 hours of charging, offering 60 minutes of high-speed intensity or a luxurious 100 minutes on a lower speed. Mod™ Chíc® is a gateway to new experiences, ensuring every moment is as limitless as your imagination.

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